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pika is a MIT co-ed co-op house. We have a fire pole, a four-story deck system, sixupdate, SEVENupdate, six :( chickens, a treehouse, and the bumper from a hummer we slew.

Interested in an inexpensive community living experience over the summer? Find out more and apply!

Want to know about events at pika?

pikans form a community based on the emergent properties of rough consensus decision making and the responsibility that comes from depending on each other to make our student-run property and mealplan awesome.

There are no rules, unless you count the three rules of pika.

Learn to cook delicious food, or how to build a roof deck. Build "installation art" in our workshop, or learn to fix bikes with your friends. Figure out yet another thing to do with our geodesic dome, or just relax with a book. Obtain stories and memories to last a lifetime.

If you are an MIT student who would like to learn more about our small community of caring people, in which each person can have a large impact on the culture, come over for scheduled events or dinner.

We welcome new community members continually, so come over and see if pika is for you.

How to get involved

Come by for dinner at 6:30pm Sat-Thu and especially our Fancy Friday Feasts at 7:00pm.

Join pika's mealplan! Your don't have to live at pika to be on meal plan. If you are an MIT undergrad, your first quarter is free.

Take a look at pika's event calendar. Mark down some dates. Come to events!

We have a schedule of kick-ass events during the usual Rush and CPW weeks.

Social network with us - fun photos et cetera - Befriend Joe Pika and Join pika's facebook group.


Email pika-questions@mit.edu or try calling us at 617-492-6983.

Visit our house - Interested in living here? Or just seeing what pika is about? Come by and check us out - pika is just a bit west from Simmons Hall. (Address/Directions)

Worried about finding us the first time? Call or text our DangerRide service at 617-IFF-PIKA (617-433-7452) and we'll pick you up. We love to drive cars. No seriously, we like giving people rides. On the way to pika we'll show you the walking / biking / scootering path to pika from Simmons Hall, which is quick & easy once you've done it once.

Pika User Manual | Culture | Our history | House | How we work | Kitchen

Our many mailing lists | Private (most things of interest only to pikans have been moved here)

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