How do I apply to live at pika?

Our rush process is described here.

How do I get on the mealplan?

Email yfnkm at to sign up! Feel free to come over and try it out a few times first.

Whom do I contact with questions?

pika-questions at

How do I hear about events at pika?

Sign up for pika-social, our low-volume announcement list! We keep a sign-up sheet in the dining room, or you can email pika-questions at This mailing list will only inform you about big events, not the smaller, more private ones--for that you'll need to get to know people a little.

What if I don't know anyone?

Come over anyway! All of our best friends used to be strangers, and it's not unusual to have a couple new people at dinners (especially during rush, or on Fridays).

What is an ILG?

An ILG is an Independent Living Group, which is MIT's category for living groups that are not dorms and not greek. We live in a house in a residential neighborhood, which we own, and are entirely self-managed. We answer to neither a national organization nor MIT-installed officials.

How much does it cost to live at pika?

Definitely less than a dorm would cost you. We're a pretty thrifty bunch, and we have complete control over how our money is spent. Rent is decided by house consensus each semester, and is typically in the $3000-$3500 range (including food for the entire semester!).

Note: this does not apply to summer pricing, which is fixed each semester before summer begins and based on number of roommates.

Does pika allow smoking?

Yes, as long as it's not so public and/or excessive that it bothers other people. We call this rule "keep it ignorable".

Does pika allow drinking?

Same as our smoking policy above.

Does pika have/allow pets?

We have communally owned house animals (in the past we've had cats, chickens, turtles, and bees), but currently do not own any. However, as of 2023, we have residents with cat allergies, so we can't keep cats that would roam freely around the house. If you are the human to cats and would be okay with keeping them strictly in your room, then email us about it and we can discuss. However, reptiles, small rodents, and fish are fine.

Can I live at pika if I'm not an MIT student?

Unfortunately, no. We're supported by MIT as an Independent Living Group, and part of that designation is that we can only house MIT students. However, non-MIT folks can live at pika over the summer!

Can I come for dinner if I'm not on mealplan?

Yep! We welcome everybody! If you want extra brownie points, you could even come early and help cook. ;)

Can I come for dinner if I'm not an MIT student?


Can I be on mealplan if I'm not an MIT student?

Yep! We pretty consistently have a few non-MIT mealplanners and we always welcome more.